Billionaire Igor Rybakov releases the song
"Save love",
which he sang during self isolation
with an online stadium of 1,000 people

July 1, 2020 will see the release of the second album of the musical project RYBAKOV - "Audiofilms", which will include the song SAVE LOVE. The peculiarity of the song is that it was recorded during the self-isolation of 2020. And in order to create the effect of a singing stadium, it was decided that 1000 people sing the chorus of the song online with Igor Rybakov.
Subsequently, all the voices were connected to an online stadium, which is a unique event for the Russian music market. Earlier,
in 2016, a similar the move was used
by David Guetta when recording the official song
of the EURO 2016 championship.
"The song SAVE LOVE traditionally, like all my songs about love, is dedicated to my wife Katya. It's about love! I wish everyone to love and be loved! This is happiness! And, of course, I was very pleased that 1000 people sing with me, even in an online format (due to the circumstances of self-isolation), " says Igor Rybakov. - Music is my extender. I became more understandable for my children, thanks to music I can tell my life hacks, motivate other parents and businessmen to new achievements and feats. And, of course, music creativity helps me find new business ideas. Each song is my personal stories or their creative interpretations that happened in my life. Starting the second album, you will hear all the storytelling of my life, do not repeat them, do not step on the same rake... or step on!»
In order to attract additional attention to the album, Igor Rybakov recorded a promo video for it, where the face of the entrepreneur replaces the face of the rapper 6ix9ine. The words of the video read: "on July 1, everything will definitely change, some will say "YES", others: «AGAINST». I'm sure this day will affect everyone, because I have an album coming out. I worked until someone chewed off my sides. ZOOM ZOOM in the morning, ZOOM ZOOM at night.
And you know where to click on July 1."
Work on the album "Audiofilms" was conducted for 9 months. Another feature is that each song has its own backstory, an Intro — which is a small sketch that aims to prepare the listener for the next song. That is why the album was called "Audiofilms": listening to the song, you can imagine and visualize what it is sung about.
The album consists of 13 songs:
Motivational affirmation for every day, which shows how important self-belief is and how it can affect the expansion of the personality from talking to yourself to talking to a stadium of people.
Storytelling of life from Igor Rybakov, where he started, what path he went and where he continues to go. "The thirst to change everything around you and yourself" is a phrase that became the Foundation of Igor Rybakov's worldview.
Vocalization that immerses you in the atmosphere of a trip to the Caucasus.
Based on real events. That says it all.
"I will never forget this trip for sure, shit happens. Signature Of Fishermen. Point». A story that made, in its time, the author even stronger.
An episode that happens to everyone: you want to sleep, but the music is playing loudly and then a serious conversation begins.
6. WILL.
The song has 2 subtexts. One is a conversation with the Grand Master. The second is the display of everything that is happening in 2020.
The interlude of the dreams that men dream of.
The song is a vision of a life path.
A musical sketch of school discos, when a naive but optimistic host wishes "all the best".
10. I WANT to.
Perhaps this is what everyone wants. Therefore, a song about money can also have this interpretation: tender, magical, like lingering at a school graduation.
11. FOR HER.
When the song is for her, then at this moment a miracle will happen and hundreds of people will sing to you.
All songs of Igor Rybakov about love are dedicated to his wife Catherine. The new song is sung with an online stadium.
A story from the lives of creative people. Night. Inspiration. Song. And then your other half comes in…
Moscow Gospel Team Voices, Opera singer from the Vienna Conservatory Emil Makhmudov, Igor KORRY Kalinin, Anna Usova, Asia Sorshneva, Egor Kolonutov, Vasily Gorshkov, Nikolai Tisenko, Alexander tars, Anton Rics and Ilgiz Abdrakhmanov took part in the recording
of the album. The album's music producer is Yevgeny Chernykh.
The album was recorded at the Studio of Igor Matvienko
with the team of Konstantin Matafonov, who has more than
For 15 years he has been working with Timati, the Black star label and many other popular artists. The album "Audiofilms" is released on July 1 and will be available
on all digital platforms: Apple Music, Yandex.Music, ITunes, Google Play, VK, Boom. Spotify, Shazam, and others,
as well as on the site